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Are YOU Too Good?

5 Jan

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but just feel the need to say it just incase some high and mighty soul might read this and decide to change their ways!

I just got back from a 10 day 9 night trip to Tucson, AZ.  This was my first big trip with my 4 dogs since I got rid of my RV.  My biggest challenge was where should I stay each night. Where can I stay that will take my 4 dogs, that isn’t totally scuzzy, won’t break the bank and is safe.  Honestly, there aren’t too many places.

  • La Quinta will take pets, but most of the ones on my route were close to $100 night, I was hoping for less.
  • Red Roof allows 1 well behaved pet – I had 4
  • Motel 6 allows pets with no stipulations.
  • Other chains often will allow dogs in smoking rooms or charge $10-25/night per pet.  That’s an additional 40-100 bucks a night just to travel with my well-behaved dogs.  No way?

I ended up spending 8 nights at Motel 6 in 4 different locations and one night in a La Quinta.  I was grateful for the AKC discounts that these hotels provided.  Only my 1st night at Motel 6 was not so nice for the reason of it was supposed to be a non-smoking room and there had definitely been smoking in there.  The rest of the trip all the rooms were clean and and I felt safe.

Now…why is so hard to find a pet friendly hotel?  Because the majority of the people out there think they are so high and mighty that they don’t have to pick up their dogs poo.  I was appalled by the amount of dog s*** that I saw at each of these properties.  Why should any hotel allow pets if people are just going to be STUPID.

Let’s see 4 dogs, 10 days, 2-3 business trips outside a day…you do the math.  That’s a lot of poo, but really how much work is it to have a bag in your pocket and just pick it up?  Not much.  You have to take your dog out on leash anyway, so how can you not be aware that they are taking a dump?  It’s not that hard people…pick up after your dog!

Fact:  My dogs are better behaved in hotels than most kids.  All of my dogs know “MOTEL QUIET”.  I remind them each time we enter.  How many children know “motel quiet”?  It’s a lot easier to travel with my dogs than be in charge of a group of orchestra kids in a hotel – I’ve done that many times.  Now when I travel with my youth orchestra, they know the rules, but still try to push them – my dogs…not so much!  I can count on one hand the number of barks I got in my 9 nights.  Why don’t hotels charge $10-25 bucks per child per night?  HMMMM….

So why if our pets and competition dogs are better behaved than most children, is it so hard to find a place to stay?  Because too many people out there are just plain LAZY and refuse to pick up after their pet.

Don’t be one of those people who think their dogs POO is so dang good and you are so high and mighty  that you don’t have to pick up the poo!

PLEASE, everyone, just have a roll of bags with you, put bags in all your pockets and PICK UP after your POOCH when you travel.

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