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Is Winning Everything – Part 5

7 Dec

My New Year’s resolution is going to be that I finish this series sometime in 2013!  I think about it often, but I don’t seem to have the time to just sit down and write.

I was so hooked on agility when I was running Noodle.  Every weekend I would go and show and every weekend my Noodle would go in the ring and play the game for me.  I look back and she didn’t really love the game, but she did love me and she did it for me and her chicken!  She is the most food motivated dog – she LOVES her chicken.

Noodle made it to the AKC Invitational twice.  This event was for the top 5 dogs in each breed.  We took two trips out to Long Beach, CA for Noodle and I to run at the Invitational.  It was such a fun event, but at the time my goals were so not what they should have been.  I wanted to make finals.  Year 1 – 2006 My Noodle ran her heart out for me and going into round 4 all we had to do was to run clean and we’d be in the finals.  Well, I’m sure I didn’t act normal and on the home stretch she dropped the 2nd to last bar.  I was devastated but Noodle didn’t know why.  She ran, had fun and got her chicken.  Did she care that she didn’t get in the finals – NO.  Did I care then – YES. We were so close, but yet so far.

So fast forward a year, 2007…we drove back to Long Beach and I had a different idea.  I was going to be myself, yea right says Noodle and run a bit more conservative to make sure the bars stayed up.  Well that year we went 4 clean but guess what…we didn’t make the finals.  They only take one of each breed into finals at any particular height and there was another Springer that went 4 clean and about a half a second faster than us.  My plan backfired that year too.

But at that time, in my mind I needed to win something.  I was working with a coach that said that if I wanted to be someone in the agility world I needed to win something.  To me the first step in winning something was to make finals.  As we will see, it took me several years to void my brain of this “you MUST win something” idea.

What I know now is the first step to winning something is have fun with your dog, train hard, show as you train and train as you show!

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